How to edit MP4 files on windows

Published: 25th June 2012
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MP4 Video Editor by iOrgsoft is one of the easiest video editing applications that are today available to you. This simple application consists of such features as Video Merger, Video Cropper, and Video Clipper to make the process of editing even more convenient and easy. With these features, you can easily crop, clip or merge any of your video files, because MP4 Video Editor by iOrgsoft supports a number of video and audio formats, including such rare formats as camcorder video, HD, 3GP, FLW, SD, and so on.
MP4 Editor is a perfect tool for clipping, splitting and cutting your video files. With this easy-to-use application, it should not be a problem for you to choose any length of video within the timeline. And in case you want to crop off some particular part of your video file, iOrgsoftMP4 Video Editor can do such editing work for you. It also makes it possible for you to rotate your video files in four directions (Left, Right, Bottom, and Top). Finally, it gives you a possibility to merge a number of video files into one single project within the Timeline. And to make the transition between the parts of your video project smoother, you can choose from a number of transition effects provided by the application.

Whether you are planning to edit common video files, or you want to edit HD video, recorded video, camcorder video, or even downloaded video, MP4 Video Editor by iOrgsoft will easily convert your video to MP4. Now that it has its own in-built converter, it should be easy for you to edit mp4 files.

Once you have loaded your video file into MP4 Editor, all you need to do is to drag and drop your video to the video editing timeline panel of the application. In case you want to edit your video project more precisely, you can enlarge the scale of the project with a help of zoom in and zoom out buttons.

As soon as your video file or files is added to the timeline panel, you can proceed to one of the video editing function. In order to clip or crop your video, you just need to use the Scissors button to cut off some parts of the video. You can also rotate your video in one of the four directions.

If you want to merge several video files into one video, you just need to drag and drop these files to the Timeline panel. Once the video files are merged, you can add different transition effects (image, audio, or text) to make a smooth transition between different parts of your video.

MP4 Video Editor also gives you a possibility to customize your video project with a number of video and audio effects. Note that video effects are subcategorized into common and special, and in the first case you are offered a possibility to add such common effects as video contrast, video saturation, video brightness, and video hue, while in the latter case you can choose from a great number of special effects provided by the application.

Once you have finished with editing, you can preview your new video file in a special preview window. Then you can either adjust your video or you can save it in one of the many possible formats supported by iOrgsoftMP4 Video Editor. MP4 Editor gives you a possibility to adjust audio setting, to choose frame rate and resolution of your video. It also makes it possible for you to save your video in one of the common digital video formats or in new HD video format.

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